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John Lewis
The Bear & The Hare
A one-of-a-kind transatlantic collaboration between Elliot and Yves Geleyn, the Bear and The Hare has become one of the best loved Christmas commercials of recent years. Created by placing 2d cutouts of the characters into real sets and then animating in-camera, this groundbreaking film used techniques that hadnít ever been tried on this scale. The results are breathtaking; Aaron Blaiseís (The Lion King, Pocahontas) character designs spring to life under Elliotís direction. A film to warm even the coldest heart.

British Arrow Award 2014 (Gold) - Best Integrated
British Arrow Award 2014 (Silver) - Best over 90 Second Cinema Commercial
British Arrow Award 2014 (Silver) - Best over 90 Second TV Commercial Using Paid-For Media
Creative Circle Awards 2014 (Gold) Craft, Film, Digital & Radio - Best Animation in Film or Digital
Creative Circle Awards 2014 (Gold) Film - Best Cinema
Creative Circle Awards 2014 (Silver) Best Film Production Design
Creative Circle Awards 2014 (Silver) Film Craft - Best Direction
Creative Circle Awards 2014 (Silver) Best TV Single

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John Lewis - The Bear & The Hare
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